Sunday, February 28, 2010

best friends

so this is a picture of me and my best friend zackery. it was prom last year. i dated zack my entire sophomore year and it was honestly one of the best years of my life. we had some good adventures for sure. he was the first boy that i really fell for. in june we broke up because he was preparing for a mission. i won't lie it sucked, break-ups suck. it was very hard on me. we stayed friend though, we didnt talk as much and we hardly ever saw each other but we stayed friends. he promised i would be the first person to tell where he was going on his mission when he got his call, and he kept that promise. he texted me that afternoon told me the call came and that he would call me when he opened. about a half hour later my phone rings and i start to cry. i answer and he instantly says guess what! i say what and he says im going to zurich switzerland! i was shocked and totally excited for him! he than tells me he has to call his grandma and he'll talk to me later. haha so i really was the first to know. before i knew it his farewell was here, and of course i was there. there were many tears shed that day, but not in front of him. a week later we did the goodbye thing. that was honestly one of the hardest things i have had to do. say goodbye to my best friend. although i told him see you later because well i would see him later! then he left. i waited a couple weeks before i wrote him and the first letter was a highlight of my day. i couldnt stop smiling. i couldnt wait to write him again! i sent him a christmas package of inside jokes and he loved it! it came time for him to leave the mtc and fly off to switzerland, and i knew letters would take a bit longer to get there. until one day i find out that he can email! yay! tomorrow is p-day and i will be getting an email! i love getting them! he is doing soso good and is having a good time! its crazy having a best friend on a mission. he is honestly one of my biggest examples. since the day i met him i have wanted to be a better person. he makes the best of me come out. i have countless memories with him. we went to all the school dances that i could go to together. he took me out on my 16th birthday, that was when we first started dating. he took me out on valentines day. we had picnics. every weekend i spent with him. we'd listen to music and he'd play his guitar. we'd talk on the phone for hours. he sluffed class one day to visit me when i was sick. i fell in love with his family! his little brother used to say when zack was gone i was gonna date him. his older sister was so much fun and gave me lots of advice for drama. his parents are amazing! they are a wonderful family. i often go and visit to this day. any chance we could we were together, and if not we were talking. we were crazy and weird but hey i loved it! the memories i have, i will cherish forever. i can't wait for my email!! woot! he's still the same unique, sarcastic, silly person, but just a missionary version.
i love missionaries and when i see them i can't help but grin. first my sister was a missionary and now my best friend. its awesome having people in my life choose to serve and sacrifice everything for two years.

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