Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"ill never let go"

please take a moment and share my love of this film with me. Titanic! since the day my older sister bought it the day it came out in 1997 to today it has always been my favorite. yes, i was 5 years old when that movie came out, it has been my favorite for almost 13 years. i don't know what drew me to it so much. it could be the very attractive leonardo de'caprio or the love story just in general. i used to watch that movie at least once a week before i went off to kindergarten. i quote the movie on a regular basis. its who i am. i even sang the theme song "my heart will go on" at family gatherings. i purchased, and still have a barbie that is rose in her fancy dress when she is about to jump off the boat and enters jack. i was all about the titanic. apparently when it first became my love, i saw a poster of "jack" in the mall and i ran to it, saying i'd never let go. i used to cry at that part in the film. jack and rose were supposed to be together. and not until a few years ago did i realize rose dies at the end and meets jack, pretty sure i thought it was a dream. shows how much i actually pay attention. never the less, i love this film. i can sit home on a friday or saturday night and be perfectly content with watching it. my friends who haven't seen it, i make them watch it. to this day i don't understand why this is my favorite, but it is and i am pretty sure it always will be. its my movie:) i even wrote a research paper on it. i am fascinated with the story. its a strange passion that i have. if you haven't seen it or don't like it, give it another try. its a good one!

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