Tuesday, February 16, 2010

it never gets any easier

This morning at 4:00 i hear my door open. i was startled by the noise and opened my eyes to see what it was. My brother, brad was standing in the door way. When i saw him, he looked at me and said "bye dude". Brad was returning to where he is stationed for schooling and such. He got to come home for the weekend, a rare occasion. I hated saying goodbye, i have had to say goodbye to him many of times now and it still sucks just the same. His comments are followed by my, bye b-rad! i love you! have a safe flight. to which he replies, "OK" in his way that is saying love you too. Though he doesn't show it often, i know that he loves me. He is very protective of his little sister and always will be. Whenever there is a time that i am hurt it seems like he is the first one to ask who made me hurt and that he'll go out and kick their butt. he is always willing to drop whatever he is doing to make sure his little sister is safe. not only me, but my entire family. he is very good at that. I drive him insane with my high pitched screams, my constant talking, and always being in his business. but deep down, deep deep down i know he loves me and wouldn't trade me in for anything in the world. ask him and he will deny it though. haha we are just now getting along with each other more so than ever. when we were little we used to fight all the days. what do you expect. he is the older brother and i am the younger sister. i wish we got closer before he left for the marines. but i do love him with my whole heart and pray for him everyday. i am terrified for the day when he calls my house and says that he has to go to Afghanistan, because it will happen eventually. i don't know when i will get to see him again. most the time we don't know for sure that he can come home until a day or two before his flight. i can't wait for him to come home! until then, i love you b-rad! you are awesome! keep up the good work! :)

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