Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lets give this a try...

Oh hello.

so many people i know have a blog. i have often considered it, and well here i am. i am not much of a writer or speller. but i do like to document important events in my life. my journal is full of memories, yes those are things that are personal to me, but hey why not have journal that others can see? so they know what is going in my life. i am. my name is annie, and i try everyday to be a little bit better. i love life and try to look for the adventures it hands me. i love with out a doubt my family. they are truly everything to me. my brother is a U.S marine and i could not be more proud of him. i am the youngest and with that comes spoiled..yes i am spoiled and i know that i am. my mom is my best friend and always will be. she is the most amazing lady i know. i have no secrets from her and i want to be just like her when i grow up. i have two sisters. they are my people i go to when i fall. often i spend my weekends playing with kara. i missed her terribly while she was in thailand serving her mission. lynsey, the oldest. she is my pal, we share many inside jokes and many many memories. we were 2 of the 4 that were left with our parents. she taught me how to be sarcastic. i wish i saw her more than on sundays. she comes home from salt lake to have family dinner and spend the day with us. my dad, oh how i love my dad. he is honestly the funniest awesomest(aware that is not a word) man alive. he is such an example to be. he is witty and super funny. i love all that he does for me. my family puts the fun in dysfunctional and i LOVE it. none of my siblings are married, but thats because someone has to be outstanding to fit in with us. my church and religion shape who i am. it is my back bone of my decisions and everyday i love it a little bit more. my friends mean so much to me. there have been many of my friends who have impacted my life more than anyone in the world and i can only thank them for coming into my life. i am a typical girl. love to shop. sleep. dance around and sing. text. purses. jewelry. boating/wake boarding. boys/crushes. favorite color is purple and my favorite movie is titanic. i am unique and definitely one of a kind. i love who i am and wouldn't change a thing.

i think i could like this blogging thing. its fun.
so for now...thats what in the mind of Annie

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