Saturday, February 20, 2010


fully aware that it is john overload right now, but i stumbled across this quote and couldn't help but stop and think about it and cant help but agree. i don't want someone who is from the basic color wheel! i want someone who is a mix, a unique name that when you really get to know them, they still seem to surprise you. someone like macaroni and cheese or razz-ma-tazz is what i am talking about. i want someone who expands on their unquieness. who will be adventurous. someone who will keep me on my toes and gives me butterflies every time i see them. someone who will never in a million years let me down. i want someone who will support me and my color cause frankly, i am in the 64 crayon box. i am unique. i want someone who will embrace my weirdness and quirks and will make them their own. someone who takes my dream and hopes and makes them happen. someone i can call my own. someone that makes my black and white days colorful. someone who will never fade as time goes on and someone who is bold. someone who has their own opinions and stands up for what they believe in. someone who shares my interests, but has their own interests. someone who loves me and always wants to be with me. someone who will be there for me through thick and thin, have their shoulder ready for me to cry on and someone i can share my happy news with. my "crayon" or prince charming is out there i know he is, i know that there is that perfect color that will complement my color.

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