Monday, February 15, 2010

A little bit more about me

the names annie....
i love to laugh
im always in a strange mood
i love dancing in the pouring rain
summer, boatinig, wakeboarding is my favorite
lake powell is like a second home
im extremely impatience
i talk all the time
i dont know how to whisper
i love listening to my ipod
i would die without my phone
my room can be a total disaster, but my closet has to be neat and tidy
when i eat a popsicle i have to take it off the stick
i cry frequently, its annoying
i do everything i can to hold on to those i love
i don't follow my own advice
i will always share my opinion, gets me in trouble from time to time
i love church
im a disney freak, i love it
now and laters are my favorite candy
sleep is wonderful
i love to hang out with my friends
i still color, its awesome
i say crayon like cran..i often get made fun of for it!
i HATE snow
new york is my favorite place
i want to go to a school in california...havent decided which though.
i love fashion
i have fun and love watching football
born a ute die a ute
i dont like scary movies
change scars me...i dont like it much
im so independent, but i need others to help me ;)
hmmm yeah...thats a little about me :)
wanna know more? just ask!

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