Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my childhood

yesterday afternoon i went down to my elementary school, rocky mountain. i have signed up for an internship for two class periods for my senior year and i chose to find my own classroom. i figure i would go intern there since it was so close, and i knew some of the teachers still.
as i walked in through the doors a distinct smell was present, oh the rocky mountain smell, the halls were insanely small, i felt like a giant. i walked into a classroom to talk to a teacher and the desk seriously came up to my knee. as i remember the desks were not that small. it seemed like all these memories came flooding back to me.
my friends and i do i put this...brats. we thought we were all that and a plate of pickles. one day we'd love each other and the next we'd be in some sort of fight. but man we had some good times.
in the early years...1st grade through like 4th everyday during lunch we went to our place, the shady tree! it was this tree way at the top right corner of the field. this tree belonged to the neighbors and hung over there fence just enough it provided our shade. we often would cheer for the boys playing football. yes, we had a cheer squad. oh goodness it caused drama needless to say. or we'd just sit and talk. most the girls were dancers and we'd have competitions to see who could stay in the splits longer. we were odd children.
the later years we found a new love of playing basketball during lunch. often times with boys. (we thought we were so cool!) we'd either play a game or speed. i was decent.
we were always in the same class expect for one or two of us. in class we'd always pass notes and be talking across the room. we got in trouble countless times for notes and often had them read aloud.
in 6th grade, i guess you could say i had my first "boyfriend" good times. i felt so cool cause none of my other friends had a boyfriend. one night my group of friends had a going away party cause a friend was moving. we were playing around in the snow and than sticking our feet in the hot tub. everyone went in expect me and my "boyfriend" and we were talking, and he asked if he could kiss me on the cheek, and he did. it was the first time that i felt butterflies and nervous around a boy. i remember i thought it was perfect! a kiss ever girl dreamed of. my first kiss i called it, but pretty sure a kiss on the cheek doesn't count really. it was still cute though. we agree'd not to tell anyone though. i was terrified my mother would find out. a few days later i told her and it wasn't a big deal. but like two weeks later the boy "broke up" with me. i cried and was sad. i was a little over dramatic. pretty sure i was pissed too.haha i eventually got over it and we all laugh about those days now.
i still see the same friends everyday at school and i am friends with most of them. i love talking about our memories. in like 5th grade we had family reunions and talk about memories from like 2nd grade. now we have reunions and talk about the 11 years or so we've known each other. i so wish that i could go back, even for a day! the recent death of one of my very favorite teachers ever has made me think of my childhood lots, and i wanted to grow up so bad. i wish someone told me to focus on those days cause it only gets harder. i remember i couldn't wait to be in jr high! that was the coolest thing. now i just want to go back to elementary. i don't want to think about senior year and applying for collages. it scares me to death. i want the days of nothing in the world mattered, expect having a good time. where you weren't judged on anything. i want the innocence back of not knowing the secrets about life. i want the days back where you didnt feel hurt for more than a day and drama was over in two. i want to have a wild imagination and play perfect storm and titanic on the "big toy" i don't want to think about my grades and how they count. i don't want to think about talking the ACT and having to get a good score. i don't want to think of moving out and living on my own. i just want the old days back. where you couldn't chew gum in class, you had to walk in a straight line on the the first white tile, and you couldn't talk in the halls. i want the days of two recess and field trips. i just want my childhood back. i miss it!

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