Thursday, February 18, 2010

my one true love

his name is in fact john mayer. how i love him so much! his music can turn my day around in a heart beat. i have every single album on my ipod..and a selected of his live stuff. he is so talent its ridiculous. i have seen a couple of his recorded concerts and i only wish to view him live. i am determined that if john would to meet me, he would fall in love with me and we would live happily ever after. he could sing my to sleep every night. oh how i would love that. as of right now my top john mayer songs go as followed in no order...
-half of my heart
-who says
-slow dancing in a burning room
-dreaming with a broken heart
-free fallin( i know its not his but still)
-your body is a wonderland
-st patricks day
-my stupid mouth
i could really continue my list on and on forever. i could listen to him all day long, and sometimes i have. no matter what the occasion there is a john song to fit my mood. i have a goal in life to go to a concert, meet him and at least get a picture with the man. it may not seem like a big deal to do that, but even that would just make my days. right at this moment i am listening to him, that is where the idea for this post came up. he is a very delightful and sexy man. its true. he has his own style of doing things. at his shows, he has a giant persian rugs on stage. how ballin' is that? thats johnny for you. he says witty and comical things on stage and knows how to perform. when i meet him, you will all be the first to know for sure.

who wouldnt love this good looking man?

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