Tuesday, March 2, 2010

senior year?

senior year is coming. its really happening! geeze it freaks me out! i have got my schedule all ready and set. i'm thinking it should be a really fun year from the classes im taking. no math, no science! ya buddy!:) i can't handle either one of those classes. its hard to believe that this time next year i will have my college picked out and getting ready to graduate. it seems like yesterday that i started sophomore year and now i'm half way done with my jr year. that just doesn't seem right. a few things i am looking forward to about senior year are:
1. easy schedule
2. my internship
3. its my last year of high school
4. all the fun activities seniors get
5. graduation!
a few things im nervous about are
1. applying/getting accepted into colleges.
2. getting scholarships.
thats about it. im not too nervous about it but it does trip me out. im the last one in my family to graduate high school. i won't lie, i am ready for high school to be done. its not all that amazing like i thought it would be when i was little. its drama filled, life has drama thats how it is, but sometimes high school drama is insane. getting through senior year should be interesting. i know half way through the year i will want to give up and just be done. i felt that way on the first day of my jr year. i often joke that i have to find a new school to go cause i haven't been in the same high school for more than a year. i went from timpanogos to pg this year. things are still new to me at pg. it will be different attending the same school for more than a year again. i do enjoy pg lots, but both schools have their ups and downs. its high school its bound to be like that. overall i am really excited to get my senior year started and going, too bad i still have a 4th of my jr year left...oy! only 5 more terms of high school to go, but who's counting;)

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