Friday, March 19, 2010

The Years of Student Council

Year One
i was in 8th grade, running for vice president of my jr high. i had always found it cool to be on student council and i couldn't wait for the opportunity to run. i thought long and hard about what my campaign would be and what i would do. sadly, i didn't make student council. i cried, and was sad but eventually got over it.

Year Two
i was in ninth grade, running for sophomore class officer at timpanogos high school. since no one knew the sophomores it was just a portfolio and interview based decision. i rocked the interview and made sure i sounded good on paper. i had confidence that this time i would make it. the day the sophomore class came to my school i was nervous beyond all belief. they came in their sweaters and man i wanted one of those. the advisor talked to the running candidates and finally got to the announcing part. there were going to be two people from oak canyon being elected, the others came from orem jr. they called the first name, it wasn't me. the second name..they paused than said annie...yay!!! i couldn't believe that i made student council. i was so stinkin excited i could hardly stand it. i called my mother to tell her! that started off my year of endless responsibility and projects. but i tell you, i loved student council and i thrived on serving others and the stress that came along with serving the student body. my favorite part was freedom week. or hell week. three halls were to be entirely covered in artwork, created by student council displaying an aspect of freedom. one hall was the seniors, one was the jrs and the other, the sophomores. the other classes had at least 100 people helping them. we had only like 15, 20 tops. it was a joke. compared to the others our hall looked awful, but the stress and the memories that came from that week will live on in my life forever.

Year 3
being on student council, i was on final elections committee. the third year i was involved with elections in some way or another. sophomore class was responsible for going to the jr highs and announcing the new sophomore class, the ones who would be taking our place, and after that was done we were in charge of the election stomp. one of the sophomore officers decides to make it a black light dance without getting permission and that turned into huge drama! pretty sure you should never leave just 5 sophomores in charge of something like a stomp, we had no idea what we were doing and how to do it. we were getting advice from the seniors every 5 mins it seemed like. being on the election committee i was in the announcing skits during results night. that was pretty fun and i was the only sophomore in them, which was a plus. the only low point of that night was i got the flu wednesday night and friday night was the stomp and results so i wasn't feeling my absolute best friday night, but i had to be there. i missed the election assemblies! i was a little bit sad inside.

Year 4
this week starts year 4 of elections for annie. i am running for student body secretary and i am pretty excited about it all. i am a part of the blue team and we have most of our skit for the assembly done. i know what i am doing for my campaign, and i feel pretty good about it. my interview is on thursday and that doesn't really scare me at all. i like interviews! as crazy as i am, i do enjoy them alot. its going to be a stressful week, its called hell week for a reason, but its a good stress. im excited to get the week started and going. election week really isn't until next week though. this is just practice practice practice week! its gonna be fun! i can tell! yay for student council. i love it soo much and have missed not being on it my jr year. its such a good opportunity and its a blast serving the student body!


  1. for the record, i love your blog.

  2. I like creeping on your past posts. I'm ecstatic to find that I'm in a picture, even if that picture shows me before I knew how to do my makeup and I look more pale than a polar bear. Anywho... I <3 you!


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