Friday, April 23, 2010

all shaken up...

the bell rang, i walked out to my car like the usual. it was about time that it was the weekend. i had nothing special planned, but that didn't stop the excitement. i plugged my ipod in, picked a song, and i was out of there. i had one stop to make before i was going home, so instead of taking my usual way home, i turned right out of the rec instead of left. i drove to the first stop sign, waited my turn and then turned left again. i was headed to the post office to ship a letter off, little did i know when i made that turn i wouldn't make my destination. i can't even recall what really happen, only that the car in front of me was stopped and i prayed that i would stop in time. it felt a little slow motion but fast all at once. i didn't stop. i hit the car in front of me. they kindly pulled over and i did the same. shaking because i didn't know what came next we both got out and conversed over the damage. there must have been an angel in between the two cars because their car was not touched. absolutely nothing wrong with it. they said that it was ok, got in their car and drove away. but me, i was not ok. i sat and starred at the dent which my hood now has and the hole on my bumper. i got in my car, picked up my phone and frantically called my mom, she answered and i lost it, i just started to cry. i felt horrible. my mom told me to come home and she'd look at the damage. she questioned about what happened and i told her. she wasn't mad at me and she said that its fine. that its a lesson to be learned without any serious injuries or damage, thankfully, my car still runs and works just fine. just a little hole in the bumper.. its been a strange afternoon needless to say. im all right, just was a little shaken up for a bit. tabby, my dear sweet honda civic does have a slight injury from this adventure though, i hope she'll forgive me!

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