Wednesday, April 7, 2010

girls state

so, i have been accepted to this program by the name of girls state. two jr girls from every high school in the state are selected to go to SUU for a week for a leadership conference thing. you participate in mock trails, and elections. totally my thing! i am super stoked for it! my mom and i went shopping today, and i got a real cute dress to wear. its not until the first week of june, so two months...but i am still very excited for it. my family tells me that it is a really big honor and that it looks fantastic on college resumes. i can even get college credit for it which is a plus! its helped with the whole not being elected into student council deal cause i was one of two that gets to go from pg. i'm pretty much a big deal:) haha the school asked me to give a speech down there at one of the conferences, not that bad, i am good at giving speeches, and in return they are going to pay for over half of the cost! so hey, it works out! i can't wait for the week:) it will be a good one!

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