Friday, April 16, 2010

its approaching

there are certain things in my life that get my giddy, like can't stop smiling, i am super excited, really happy, giddy. one of those being, the fact that summer is approaching us. in fact, it is just around the corner. i wore a pair of my favorite shorts to school today, and i loved it. i have been waiting all winter to crack out the shorts and it is a glorious feeling to finally done so. i wish it to be summer all the time.
things i love doing in the summer:
wearing my swimsuit all day every day
running around bare foot-shoes are no bueno 
sleeping in until noon, and playing until midnight
 the nice tan that i receive 
eating ice cream 
taking naps outside 
lake powell trips 
my wardrobe doubles 
no school 
summer crushes 
i love summer! it is pretty much the best time of year! i am going to make summer 10' one to remember! i just gotta make it through this last month of school, testing and finals and i am done with jr year! here's to what adventures summer will bring:)

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