Thursday, April 8, 2010

a new talent?

here's the deal, i have zero musical talent, and i wish that i did. those people that can play music by ear just by hearing a song once, or that can't read music at all and can whip out something amazing, i am truly jealous of your talents. my family has a grand piano in our living room that is played maybe like 8 times year, not very often. zack used to sit down and play it all the days, and my sister will occasionally, but other than that it just sits there. its a shame cause its gorgeous, and sounds awesome, from what i know.
i took piano for like 2 months in second grade, my mom claims that i didn't ever practice, but as i remember i practiced alot...ok mostly the c-scale, but that was fun to play. i regret not practicing at all because here i am the age of 17 and i can't play any sort of musical instrument to save my life, let along sing. i so wish that i could sing. i'm always singing around the house or in my car, and rarely do i sing in front of people, i must be really comfortable around you if you have heard me sing, even very quietly. 
i have decided enough with this non musical talent ish...i am going to teach myself the piano. i started on monday and can play the right hand, intro and first verse of my heart will go on. i am having a hard time with the left hand, my brain won't seem to let me play different notes at the same time, another talent needed for the piano. i have looked over old piano books, played marry had a little lamb like 18 thousand times. i would like to say that i am improving everyday, i started to play apologize by onerepublic today and its coming along pretty good, i get frustrated and have to take a break, hence the blogging moment. i am really determined to do this though. i have always loved listening to people play the piano and i have wished that i could, so enough wishing, im doing it! i know it will be hard and rather frustrating, learning the notes is rather difficult, but i can do it! i will keep you all posted, and when my first song is completed i will play it for you all! so here's to a new talent, hopefully something that i will be good at!

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