Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ode To The Bothersome

being the unique individual that i am, i am full of quirks and pet peeves. for instance, i will not write with a pen unless it has a lid. all the clothes in my closet must all be facing the same way as well as the hangers, and don't get my started on when hangers are tangled. i also don't believe that a person should wear black and brown together. if you are driving in my car, you can guarantee that the volume of the radio will be on an even number, as well as the volume on the television. i say peck-peck for back pack, and often get told that i talk like im from canada. my binders are super organized and i don't like to have one binder for two classes. i hold on to old clothes that i never wear cause i don't like the feeling of an empty closet. but, the pet peeve that has been on my mind the past two days is, the weather. let me enlighten you, tuesday to school i wore shorts and a t-shirt and some stinkin cute sandles. today i wore jeans and a sweater. there is seriously something wrong with that one. i am not a fan of the bipolarness that this weather brings. it gets me all excited for summer and ope just kidding its going to snow, on to my next topic, start of lunch it was chilly, ok not that bad, end of lunch it was freezing and snowing, not two hours later it is chilly ok again. please i ask mother nature, will you bring the warmth and let it stay for a bit? i am ready to wear summer clothes everyday, not once in a while. i am tired of the cold, its almost may and i would really like it to be warm from now on, is that too much to ask? i sure hope the sun will begin to shine and it will be warmer real soon, and when i say real soon i mean tomorrow!

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  1. i laughed, aloud.
    you are adorable, annie, adorable, let me tell you.


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