Monday, April 5, 2010

spring break

why, it is the first day of spring break at 2:40 pm, and i have yet to get ready for the day. i love it. i have zero plans for the day and it is a good feeling after running around like a crazy person for two whole weeks. i remember this time last year, spring break and it was probably the best spring break ever, won't go into detail about that one, but needless to say it was ballin. this one will not top it, however, i would like to have a few adventures...what these adventures are, i am not quiet sure but i will let you know when they happen. i am not to pleased with the weather situation, as it is spring break and its rather depressing looking outside, and yesterday i woke up to snow. it would be nice if there was a little bit of sunshine so i could run around in shorts and flip flops, but no im wearing long pants and a hoodie, how retarded is that one? oh well, i will still find something to do with my week. just think, only like 6 more weeks of school? yes yes yes!

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