Sunday, May 30, 2010

a bit of catching up!

wow! i am behind on my blogging. i would like to say its been a crazy week, but it really hasn't. i find myself sleeping in, getting ready for work and then going to work for the day. my job is going swell! i love it! i work with some really fun people and i get along with them all. i received my first paycheck on friday, did i bring any of it home? or heavens no! i came home with bags of clothes instead. this could be a problem working in retail. especially with my discount im not sure if i will ever bring money home. here is a little secret...i feel cool when i have a walkie talkie. call me a nerd but i feel really legit. granted i am terrified to use it and it makes me a tad uncomfortable talking to it, but i feel cool when its attached to my hip. im strange like that. my favorite is when a costumer comes and asks me where they could find a said item. i play along like i know what they are talking about, walk around the store a minute and then proceed with the line, uh well im new so i don't really know, apologize for my lack of knowledge of where anything is located and send them to someone else. with my ocd of having my closet to be neat and tidy, it makes it difficult to move efficiently. i end up folding a shirt 3 times before i feel it is presentable to the public, with knowing that it will be unfolded in a solid 10 minutes tops. i would say that my talent of folding clothes is getting better as the days go on and that i am able to move much faster. i color coordinate items, and rearrange the displays often. i have yet to learn the register but thats ok because that is all i ever did at the costa vida when i was employed there. its nice to be able to walk around and not stay in one place for an entire shift. its the best (not really) when im snuggled nicely into my bed after a day at work, ready for sleep and relaxation and i dream about working. it happens frequently as its been on my mind alot lately. they have been odd dreams that i won't get into, but it does happen. hopefully those will go away. overall, so far so good. i don't have anything to complain about. its a great place and a great atmosphere, not to mention the selection of music is really starting to grow on me and i find myself now singing along with the songs. i think im really gonna like it there. here's to me being a working girl!

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