Monday, May 10, 2010

new job

as of last monday i had applied for 12 jobs, yes 12 of them. thursday afternoon i get a call from old navy, my first choice actually in my job applying. the kind lady on the other end of the phone asked if i was still interested and if i could come in for an interview, i graciously accepted and now had an interview for monday at 4:00, well as you can see, it is monday at 5:00, and i just returned home from my interview. i looked very professional in my pin stripped working girl pants, a white shirt and a yellow cardigan over. i walked in with confidence and was totally myself through out the interview. the manager continues to tell me that i am lucky because most people have to come back for a second interview, but oh no not me. he offers me the job on the spot! woo! i didn't think that really ever happens, but ope it did to me:) i accepted the job and he continued to say that he was excited to have me part of their team and that i seem like a really fun girl to be around. yay! all my hard work of searching high and low has finally paid off! i am the newest employee at old navy! who knows if i will actually make money or if i will just spend it all on clothes. the best part, i get a discount not only at old navy, but at gap, banana republic and pipeline. no big deal. i am really excited to start and have a job again! plus i love clothes so i think working in retail could be really fun!

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