Saturday, May 1, 2010

oh just my best friend

this would be me and my best friend, adrie elaine. we've been really close since about 9th grade. i sure love this girl lots. she has really been there alot for me this past year. last night, we went to the pg vs timp lacrosse game, as her boyfriend plays for pg, and zack played for timpanogos last year, its kind of a tradition, seeing as zack and her bf are best friends too, kinda weird how all that turned out but thats a story for another time:) but yes i cheered for timpanogos because well my heart lies with timpanogos lacrosse:) anyways, before the game she asked if i wanted to go with her to finish up last minute prom preparations. so we go to the taylor to pick up her dress, we walk over to the door, ope its closed for like 10 more minutes so we figured we'd run to target real quick like a bunny and return. we walk back to her car and don't you worry, the keys are inside the vehicle instead of out. yeah we pretty much were screwed. her family didn't have a spare key and so the only choice we had was to call the lovely police office. haha thankfully we were only out in the freezing for like 15 mins no big deal. we sat on the trunk of her car and just chatted away. the nice police man worked his magic and unlocked the door for us and we were on our way. somehow we always find ourselves in the most inconvenient situations, and we just laugh. we have learned to expect things like this to happen. haha we have many adventures and most people would think that they are odd adventures but we enjoy them. the most common adventure is getting hot chocolate and talking about our love lives, most the time one of us will end up crying. haha we're kind of emotional. we try to go to the temple once a week, she's a huge example to me and i couldn't thank her enough. she's just a great friend

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