Wednesday, May 5, 2010

one of those days

its been a wake up on time, good hair day, wear my favorite shorts and a cute cardigan with my new flip flops, the sun is shining, my favorite song plays on the radio, my favorite meal for dinner, sitting outside reading for two hours, receiving a nice base tan for the summer, found chocolate in the cupboard, discovered a new song, school goes by fast, have no homework, ice cream eating, memory reliving, journal entry, picture drawing, singing at the top of my lungs, driving with the windows down, smiling at every stranger, saying hello to old friends, going home for lunch, playing with my puppies, having an unexpected comment on my blog, laughing so hard i cry, talking without getting caught all during first, learning something in second, doing nothing in third, and finishing my assignment early in fourth, good parking space at the rec, having so much extra energy i could run for hours, wanting to go on a run when i hate running, nothing to be sad about, looking at the glass half full, only 18 months to go, my prayers were answered, being grateful for who i am, getting something in the mail, a warm bath, feeling good about life kind of day.

how was your day?

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