Saturday, May 1, 2010


since i am not attending prom this year, which i am totally ok with, i thought i'd share my sophomore prom. it twas a delightful evening that i will remember forever. zack took me, but you all knew that. anyway, it was just me and him, no group. we liked it better that way. and we didn't have a day date. we were going to go to his little brothers soccer game that afternoon, but due to the down poor of rain it was canceled. what was i to do until it was time to get ready? my parents were out of town and i was home alone for most of the morning, but thankfully, my sister lynsey came down to help me get ready which saved me from the boredum. we ran a few errands, picked up his boutonniere, and continued on home to get ready for a magical evening. i remember zack called me like 3 or 4 times that day because we just couldn't wait for the evening to begin. i was totally stoked about my dress. it is totally me. i am not into the long, puffy dresses. short and simple is my style. plus i had a new pair of converse with red ribbon as laces. i loved it!
as i got ready i got more and more excited. i had been on bundles of dates with the kid, but i hadn't been to prom with him. i curled my hair, my sister did my make up, and i got all dressed up with a good five minutes to spare. i heard his car and i got butterflies and i just smiled. i answered the door, and there was my boy, dressed in his tux looking oh so handsome, and well extremely attractive, but he always looked attractive. anyways, we exchanged the you look wow amazing comments and proceeded with the events that followed, the exchanging of corsage and boutonniere.

the corsage was gorgeous, 3 white roses:) i go to pin the boutonniere on and i start giggling. i don't know why i just giggled. i was terrified that i would poke him, so my sister did it for me. but we got a picture of my epic fail.
we were off, we went to his house, where his parents were out of town as well, but his sister and her fiance played the parents, took pictures and even a video of us. haha

we went to dinner at ruby river and talked about everything. we laughed and joked around and it was time for the dance. we had to make one quick stop, we needed some amps and fun dips. its how we roll. we picked them up and off we went.

we danced the night away, we always have had a delightful time at dances and this wasn't any different. it was one of the best dances actually! we were planning on just watching a movie when we got home, but as we were driving, i started feeling very icky. much like i was going to throw up:( oy, not now not this night. i figured it was the amp and fundip cause it made me sick once before. well, zack being the good boyfriend, took very good care of me and made sure that i was ok. we decided to end the night early as i wasn't feeling any better. he made sure i got inside my house ok and he gave me a simple kiss goodnight. as i was laying in my bed that night, my phone rings and i look and its zack. i answered and he immediately asked how i was. i hadn't been home more than 10 mins:) awe cute huh? we ended up talking for about a half hour until i fell asleep. my first prom was definitely one that i will remember forever. it was one of the best dates of my entire life. and even though i got sick, it was at the end of the night, and i had a good boy to take care of me.
this is why i am ok with not going to prom. i had prom, i had a prom that every girl dreams of, and i had the perfect date. it was definitely a night that is chalk full of memories:)

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