Thursday, May 20, 2010


dear math,
i loathe you very much. i do not appreciate the hard questions on your tests, and the headache you create when i am working on a problem. i don't feel good about you. i find you useless and i will never use the cos in my life. thank you for making it so easy to deny you as a senior. you will not be missed in my life.
the unsuccessful math student

dear mail man,
it would be greatly appreciated if you would please bring me my surprise. i have been waiting patiently and i have yet to receive anything in the mail. could you be so kind and bring it to me tomorrow? perhaps? i won't be mad at you any longer. i get so excited when mail comes, and you sir have given me no excitement. please consider this before you come to my home tomorrow, annie would like her surprise.
the inpatient resident

dear pghs,
yes we are all aware that senior sluff day is only for seniors. hence the title senior sluff day. also, please can you just stop taking attendance already? it is really torture. we are all antsy and all want to be done, so just give us an early out, yes? the sooner you let us leave the sooner you get to leave. i know you all feel the same way students do. trapped in the building for another day. but frankly i can't handle another day of just sitting, not doing anything. so do us all a favor and let us go!
the jr with senioritis

dear old navy,
thank you for giving me the opportunity to work for you. i am oh so excited to officially start tomorrow. i feel good about this and the discounts that i am able to receive. i think that working in retail will be very delightful for me and i will try my very hardest every day on the job and promise to bring much success into the store. i won't let you down. thanks again
the newest employee

dear weather,
you have finally warmed up and allowed me to wear shorts, i would ask that you would stay this way. lets not go down the road of long pants and coats again, ok? i know you hate it as much as i do. i like when i get to run around barefoot and soak up your sunshine. if you are going to rain, lets keep the temperature high so that i can still enjoy the warmth outside. you make me so happy when i wake up to see that it is another glorious day outside. try your very hardest to stay warm ok. i know utah has its mind of its own, but for me stay warm? i'd love you forever.
the cold hater

dear self,
continue to be you and have fun. you are unique and one of a kind. make new friends and keep the old ones. smile lots and laugh often. its almost summer, its about having fun and adventures. go on an adventure and take lots of pictures. soak up the sun and enjoy swimming. keep your testimony high and continue to go to the temple. remember the lords hand in your life and continue to love him. spend time with your family. get soft serve twist cones regularly and visit the snow cone shack. just have a good summer!

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  1. Ooooh Annie, to be young and whimsical again... I love you dearie.


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