Sunday, May 9, 2010

returning to the ninth grade

last night, i went to dinner with some of my beloved friends from timpanogos. we were inseparable during ninth grade and the summer following. it was always emilee, adrie, me and jessie. we were weird and crazy and always had something to laugh about. it had been ages since i hung out with them. here and there i would run into jessie or emilee, cause i see adrie at school and we hang out all the days, but we'd say that we were going to go to dinner soon, but i decided to make it happen. i am so glad that i made it happen, cause really it was such a fun night. sadly adrie couldn't join, but it was still a delight. we met up at macaroni grill and we instantly were back to the way things were. we laughed and joked around with each other, we shared our boy stories and everything we have been up to, we even reminisced about our old love interests and memories together. i kept flirting with the waiter and the girls insisted that i leave my number on the table, so they did for me. but little did we know that he was soon going to be engaged so we hurried and crossed it out. one of the bus boys told us that one. haha these are the kinds of things that i miss, cause really i would only do that with them. haha it seriously was like old times. i am just hoping that we go out to dinner and hang out more often, it had been far to long. we ended up sitting at our table for at least 2 hours.

adrie emilee and me after the ninth grade night dance.

the girls at fudruckers, before the most epic sleepover, we seriously stayed up all night long and didnt stop laughing.

 jessie and i, the last ninth grade night dance, we said we always looked better in black and white 

spring break 08, we tanned, walked forever away to get some lunch, walked back to her house, walked to my house, hung out with boys, we thought we were pretty dang cool

emilee me and adrie at emilees end of the year party at her cabin in sundance, such a fun party! we then had a sleepover at her cabin, again didn't receive any sleep. 

jessie and i, last day of ninth grade, don't worry we often ended up matching without even planning it

just me and emilee after the fancy ninth grade night dance

then the last ninth grade night dance

waiting for emilee to arrive to her little surprise party, this night we got candle wax all over jessie's rug, that was fun to clean out.

oh ninth grade. we thought we were pretty dang cool though not going to lie. we went to dinner, and we had parties. our sleepovers were most fun. we danced crazy, made music videos, never stopped laughing. it seemed like one of us would always be the third wheel for the other and their crush, cause we couldn't ever hang out alone with them at the age of 14, heaven forbid. haha we went to both ninth grade night dances as a group and had a special dinner for the fancy one. we had some great times in the ninth grade we really did. sometimes i wish that i could go back to these days and live it all over again. i remember summer before sophomore year started, i had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and my topic was choosing good friends. i knew i had chosen good friends and i was so grateful that the four of us were best friends. they even came and listened to my talk, and i made them cry. our memories will always make me laugh, they were some good ones.

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