Friday, May 14, 2010

sometimes i still can't believe it

its all on our minds, us teenagers frantically finishing up the last of our assignments, with only 6 more days of school left, what else could possibly be on our mind? for me, i can tell you its not that the year is over, its what i have ventured this year. i started out as the new girl, scared and so nervous i cried on the first day. yes it true. i got lost and i couldn't help but cry, it was overwhelming. from that point on i knew this year would be different new environment, new teachers, new classes and new friends. and different it was. i learned things about myself over the course of the nine months i spent enrolled at pleasant grove. i have gained an interest in painting and art. its something that i never thought i could do, but having to take art credit for graduation i took it, and fell in love with the class. its been interesting to see my creativity come out in my art work. i can do anything that i set my mind to. i have learned to go with the flow of things, if things don't go the way i planned there is something better out there for me and i have to keep my eyes wide open so that i can see that opportunity. i've learned that i am never going to be good at math and that its a relief that i am not taking it as a senior. i've had enough. i have learned that the nicest thing to do, is just smile and say hello. smile at strangers and say hello to old friends, it can easily make someones day go from horrid to good. i promise. i'm not afraid to be myself and say what i think in class. im not afraid to say no to a teacher or even disagree. i have an opinion and i will share it. i have learned that my opinions do matter and that its ok to share them. i have learned to accept the positive and shrug off the negative. trails are for my benefit and they make me stronger. i have embraced my testimony and live up to what i believe in a little bit more each and everyday. my testimony has given me confidence, and guided me everyday. i am eternally grateful for my testimony and for my church and my Savior, my prayers have been answered and i can see it right before my eyes each and everyday. i have set goals for myself and accomplished them. when i set my mind to something i go for it, and don't give up. i am who i am, and i wouldn't change that for anything. its been a year full of memories, good, bad and the ugly. i've had my days where i refused to ever set foot back into the evil world of high school, and there have been days where i couldn't wait to see my friends and share exciting stories with them. personally, im not a fan of the high school, far too much drama for one to handle but i have learned from a very good friend of mine to embrace it and make the most out of it. this year has definitely been one for the books.

sometimes i can't believe that school is down to the last 6 days, and im pretty much a senior! here's too many memories of my jr year and seeing what senior year has to offer, but first, im gonna enjoy my summer:)

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