Sunday, June 6, 2010

gotta love it

as awkward as it is to take pictures of yourself, i still do it. sometimes you just need a new picture. well being a glorious day outside i went out and swung on my swing set that squeaks when in motion because its been in my back yard for a good 17 years now, since we built my home. anyway i decided that i was going to take a picture, i ran inside grabbed my camera and went back out. let me tell you, epic fail! not a good one in the bunch. when i got bored of swinging i just went and laid on the grass, thought to myself hey why not try another picture so i did. got a good one i think. plus i just love how green it looks outside in it. i am by no means a photographer nor do i know what works and what doesn't. but i thought it was a decent picture that was ok to be seen by others. ha i know its a random post, but thats why my blog is in the mind of annie. that was on my mind so i wrote about it:)

here it is. the awkwardly taken picture that turned out surprisingly good.

P.S. have a good week all, im off tomorrow for girls state. im pretty excited!

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