Friday, June 25, 2010

i've got mail.

being the girl that i am, i get excited about the littlest things. one of those being, getting mail. now to any individual it might not be that great, but to me i thrive on it. i love to see my name as to whom its being addressed to and then looking in the top left corner to see who its from.
the past two days, the mail man has yet to let me down. i shall enlighten you..
yesterday was a normal day, i went to work and came home, but its what i came home to that made my entire day. hanging there on my family's magnet bored, there it was. a white envelope addressed to me. with my heart beating at a thousand miles an hour, i could only imagine what was said inside. the letter was just glowing really. best letter in the world and it was for me. i grabbed it and opened that letter as fast as i could. but sometimes it takes a little ripping of the envelope to get it out, making it longer to open than anticipated. it was one of those times. as soon as i got it opened, my eyes went directly to the beginning and i read. i read on for a good three pages and couldn't help but smile. now you are all wondering who it came from right, no you all know. yes it came from my wonderful best friend zackery. all the way from switzerland.
today i was getting into my car as my daddy came home from work. he walked over the mail box and walked past my car. my window was down and all i see was him handing me an envelope. as i looked to what it was, my heart skipped a beat a little bit. i started shaking and ripped open that sucker. inside, two neatly placed John Mayer tickets. now i just bought them wednesday so i wasn't expecting them for a least a week, but oh no, they came. i now have two tickets in my hands, not literally, they are tucked into a safe place but yes i have them!
whether it be a letter from my best friend, that i frantically check the mail box everyday until i have my letter, to a birthday card or my john tickets, getting mail makes me excited. it shows that someone was thinking about me and wanted to let me know.
here they are ladies and gents, my very own JOHN MAYER TICKETS

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