Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what boys really mean

as i had a breakfast date with a dear friend this morning we discussed our love stories and how boys are retarded. they clearly underestimate the meaning of their sentences and the effect it will have on our emotions because us girls, we are emotional and will jump to conclusions at anytime. they must always clarify what they want. for example.
he says, i want you to date other people. but in reality i don't think he actually realizes that when he says that, we will infact date other people. some of us loathe the idea of dating and would only like to date him, but when those words come out of his mouth, it seems as if we have no choice then to date other people. so when she tells him that she went on a date, he mustn't be mad, because it is in fact what he wanted. if he wishes to only date that one girl, then he must say that loud and proud.
the second they say something different or out of the norm, a girls mind will start to turn and she will wonder the logic behind the sentence. its true, he probably means exactly what he said exactly how he said it, but girls read between the lines and analyzes every word that he says to her. all im saying really is that boys should clarify what they want so we don't go crazy and jump to conclusions.

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