Thursday, July 29, 2010

the bucket list for senior year.

to be completed by june 2. 2011

1. make a new friend weekly
2. wear sweats at least once
3. join a club or organization
4. go on dates-not including dances
5. give away a book of mormon
6 read and finish the book of mormon and d&c
7. get a scholarship
8. save atleast $1,000
9, get between a 23 and 25 on the ACT
10. volunteer on a regular basis
11. bare my testimony weekly
12. create a work of art
13. find a hidden talent
14. go the hotpots
15. take a road trip
16. forgive more easily
17. stop bitting my nails
18. declare my major
19. apply and get into the u of u
20. learn to play a full piano song

that is just the start of my list. i have been thinking alot about school starting soon and how much that it truly terrifies me. for much of my jr year i hid away from the world because of a recent heartache. i was stubborn and didn't want to face the world for fear that my heart wasn't ready. don't get me wrong i learned alot about myself while i was hidding, and i wouldn't change the things that i have learned. but now, its time to get up and face the music. i want to make the most of senior year. you only get one. i am really goin to work on putting myself out there and reaching out to others. getting out of my comfort zone and exploring what the world has to offer me.

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