Tuesday, July 13, 2010

reason of the day.

i firmly believe everything happens for a reason. last thursday i checked my schedule at work. each shift was pretty much normal as to what i have been working and then random shift, tuesday 11-5 in the fitting room. the fitting room wasn't random it was the fact that my shift was 6 hours instead of the normal 5 or 7.
the day went on as usual, i processed clothes-hanging them up the right way, folding them, buttoning shirts etc. got people fitting rooms and was friendly to all customers. a cute woman walked in, just barely pregnant asking my opinion on the size of a maternity top, now not really having experience on how maternity clothes work i gave her as much information as i could and proceed to show her to a room. i continued to work as she came in out and out once or twice, when she was leaving for good she stopped, thanked me for my help and asked me my name. i followed by annie. and than asked if i looked familiar. we stared for a moment trying to figure out where she knew me when she asked where i went to school growing up. rocky mountain i replied and she just smiled, she than asked if i clogged and i said yes and she asked if i remembered her from fifth grade, she was my student teacher a good 7 years ago. i shouted her name and gave her a hug.
she has been my favorite student teacher all my life, she was soo cool and she we got along so well. she and i had so much in common one of them being we both clogged. she even went to one of my clogging competitions back in the day. the day she left i sobbed.
she had mentioned when we were talking that she knew it was me, that she recognized me right away, i had thought she looked familiar but it didn't occur to me that it was her. we talked for a good five minutes and it became real to me that i was in fifth grade 7 years ago, her first students were now seniors in high school. where does the time go?
if i had not been at work today i wouldn't have ran into her. if my shift was the normal five hours i would have been off exactly 30 minutes before she came in. everything happens for a reason. you just got to wait until that reason comes to realize it.

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