Monday, August 9, 2010

and one more makes 13.

13 first days and 13 special outfits. 13 picture days. 13 christmas, spring and spontaneous breaks. 13 years of school.

i was five. i went on a plane for the first time. i got my ears pierced. met life long friends.

1st grade:
i wore a cream jumper and a plaid shirt on the first day. i had many teeth pulled. i had my first crush.

2nd grade:
i was baptized. my sister moved out. i got my own room. my short hair phase started.

3rd grade:
the twin towers were hit. cheerleading sparked an interest in my life. i started clogging.

4th grade:
i got two puppies. i turned ten. my best friend moved away.

5th grade:
possibly my favorite grade ever. i met someone who changed my life. i had a snowcone buisness.

6th grade:
had my first "boyfriend". got kissed on the cheek. was crowned into little miss lindon royalty.

7th grade:
first year of jr high. parents sold my lifelong friend-my boat. i got braces. i went to new york. i became a teenager.

8th grade:
i was some what popular. i got a cell phone. i almost broke my elbow.

9th grade:
i got my first kiss. my sister left for her mission. i went to disneyworld. i got my first job.

10th grade:
i was on student council. my brother joined the marines. i went to hawaii. i got my drivers license. i fell in love.

11th grade:
i was the new girl. i attended 3 dances all year. i caught up with old friends. i recieved my first letter. i found out who annie really is.

well, i've been through alot during the past 12 years of schooling,

and as for my final year, 12th grade:
i will turn 18. i will apply to the university of utah. i will become a little more social. and i will wear a cap and gown, walk across a stage and recieve my dipolma.

can't believe we go back in almost two weeks...don't know how i feel about that.

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