Tuesday, August 3, 2010

bbq stain on my white t-shirt.

along with the rest of the utah population, i witnessed the very attractive singer by the name of tim mcgraw. my sister, her best friend and her husband had purchased four tickets and only three were going, so i got to tag along with them. we were most excited about seeing lady a, but due to the 2.5 hours of traffic we missed out on that one and got there moments before timmy was to go on. pretty sure the events in the car were the best part of the whole evening though.
we saw ...
a drunken man on a scooter while the rest of his friends were riding on harleys, he made sure that his white shirt was unbuttoned all the way so we could all see his lack of exercise, and his girlfriend with no personal style whatsoever.  
a fairly greasy man, with long unattened hair rocking out on a cardboard guitar to advertise for little ceasers.
an odd amount of fender benders.
a giant dream catcher hanging from the rear view mirror.
car hopping and the exchange of food, whilst in traffic.
a man crossing the middle of the street, in his wheelchair.
                    .....and that was just the drive up.
the girls, kate marie, kara and myself got a personal concert by zach, kates husband.
we almost melted in zach's car cause his air conditioning is retarded...
instead of heading south at the end of the evening, we headed north towards the capital building.
it took us a solid half hour to figure out where the free way enterance was at.
we than got as zach would say "pooped" on to the freeway in the carpool lane.
and by 1:30 we made it home.

sisters, kara and annie

zach and kate tilley, the happy couple

the girlies, soaking up the wonders of timmy.

oh yes, the concert, it was delightful and we also made fun of the many drunk people that were surrounding us. it twas a fun evening:)

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