Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bucket list #3. check.

join a club or organization.

as of today, i am a member of the pleasant grove youth court. i will be a judge and a youth mayor for my senior year.

look at me, school hasn't even started and i've already completed one item.

i'm really excited about this opportunity. considering i want to get a degree in both political science and criminal justice, this is totally interesting to me. i plan on getting my bachelors in political science and recieving a criminalology certificate and than moving on to law school and studying criminal justice. i find tv shows such as criminal minds and csi totally fascinating. i couldn't ever do the on scene crime work, but i could definitely work in the offices and help solve cases, just something that i am thinking about. whoa, thinking about my future freaks me out..slightly. its coming so fast.


  1. oh, i'm so excited for you to come be on court with us.
    hand in hand, being youth mayors.
    i probably love you.

  2. i probably love you as well.
    and don't you worry, they put us in the same week. i feel good about that.
    i'm real excited.


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