Sunday, August 15, 2010

me date? nah.

as embarrassing as this picture is, it just has to be shared. 

last night, i had the lovely opportunity to go on a date with my dear friend sterling. sterling and i have been friends since the summer before my sophomore year. it was his senior year though.we hadn't seen much of each other since he growed up and went to college, but i ran into him at the gas station last week and since than its been like he never left for school. the picture explains alot of how we are, we are never ever serious. we are always joking and laughing.

now the date. it started off with a lovely scooter ride in an unfinished development that led to utah lake, and after reaching our destination we hung out, ate candy and shared awkward date/kissing stories. accompaning with us was his good friend mike and his date. so between the four of us, there were some bad dates and awful kissing stories that were shared. but once the sun started to set we almost got eaten alive by the skeeters, so we decided to head to a park, were we chatted some more, even witnessed the lindon days fireworks. but that park was boring, so we decieded yet again we would find a new place. me, being having shotgun was the dj during our car rides, we jammed to everything from miley cyrus to eminem. i'm a good dj to say the least. 

 the bunch.

i will say this, this date changed my thoughts on dating a little. it was the first non dance date that i have been on in almost a year and it ended pleasantly. all the dates i've been on, excluding zackery have been total busts. i won't lie. but this one was definitely for the books.

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