Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my excitement.

dear john,

i wouldn't mind slow dancing in a burning room with you. take all your big plans and break em. you won't ever have to dream with a broken heart, who says i can't call it love soon? i love you more than songs can say. anything less than 'I love you' is lying. i hate to see you cry so me and you, we'll keep waiting on the world to change. when i hear your music, i've got a smile on and not only half of my heart but all of my heart has a grip on the situation. i'd steal your heart before you ever heard a thing. you say you're perfectly lonely, but thats because something's missing, me. and i can't remember life before your name. i am searching all my days just to find you. i've done all I can 

If you want more love, why don't you say so? i would've come around years ago. i look forward to hearing you tonight. i know you won't let me down.


your number one fan. annie

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