Saturday, August 21, 2010

what a night.

nothing ever goes as planned, would anyone else care to disagree? sometimes things get in the way and sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

tonight was one of those nights. i had plans, my friend mike and i were headed up to the drive in up in sandy. a couple of his friends were gonna meet us there.

we enter on the freeway, everything is going nicely. we hit the point of the mountain. the car becomes a little shaky. as we drive mile after mile, poor mikeys car starts to get weaker and weaker.

we reach our exit, 1600 south, enter the off ramp. smoke starts appearing from the hood, and his car won't start. two kind gentle men and mike get out of the car to push it off and i stear into the nearest parking lot.

he calls a tow truck, and we wait. we find a nice little resturant to eat at and we enjoy each others company, and had apple pie for dessert.

luckily his family was headed home from northern utah and happened to stop on their way and picked up us. while mikeys car was being taken to his house by the tow truck.

nothing went as planned tonight, and yet i ended summer the best possible way. this definitely goes down in my book of nights to remember forever.

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