Wednesday, September 15, 2010

all sorts of confused.

the male species, they are a confusing type. i have a million questions floating around my head, trying to piece this all together. could you please answer them for me?
its simple really:

do you or don't you want to hang out? 
you say: lets hang out real soon, i'll call you, and anything else along those lines and yet you don't follow through. 

why after you open up and share a little bit of feelings you have the need to shut completely off and avoid all contact?
fact: girls enjoy when you open up, it shows you trust us. it makes us giddy. fact: it doesn't make you any less of a man to have feelings.

i get you have the boy code, "bro's before hoe's" but if you like her, can't there be an exception? 
chances are, he likes someone too. invite both girls, double date. see how easy that is.

why do you only go for a girl if you have to chase her? 
some girls don't like silly relationship games. if she is trying to talk to you frequently, she likes you, give her a chance.

do you realize if a girl really likes you, she will do everything in her power to look extra special just for you? 
most times you are good at this, but when a girl looks pretty that day, give her a simple compliment, you don't know how much it will mean to her.  

bottom line is, the male and female species are different. its a known fact. we handle relationships different. but when its apparent that both people fancy the other, its not that difficult to just say how you feel and boy just kiss her already.

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