Sunday, September 26, 2010

dear diary.

i have always been an avid journal writer. its where i go when i need to document any thought feeling or emotion. i vent and i share my happy cute stories. i love my journal and would be rather upset if it was misplaced.

with recent events, i have been forced to crack open the journal of my early days. it is rather hilarious and would like to share some entries.(warning: they will by typed just exactly as they are written, spelling and everything.)

March 3rd 2002
Today was sunday. Lynsey came home. I went to bed at 7:30 because I thorw a fit!! my mom didn't let me say what should i do? but she sent me to bed!!! I do not like my bed!! I do but i do not like going to bed!! i always wake up at 7:30. Once I would like to wake up at 8:30. I went to the counrty club for dinner. i had a sandwicht. I wish had ben a bit nicer. My mom needed my help so I didn't go to bed at 7:30 I went to bed at 8:30.
-disclamier. now i love going to bed, and can't even get me to wake up before 9:30.

Today is my lucky day. I get A.C.C.E.P.T. pizza and the best of all CLOGGING!! I love clogging. 

Oct.15/04 age 11
So I am in 6th grade. How cool is that? all is well. i <3 6th grade. i have a boyfriend. his name is AJ. He is so so sweet. He is new to Rocky Mt. The family is good. Mom is opening an adoption agency called No Greater Gift. anyway all for now. 
<3/ Annie 
p.s i am almost 12!! :) 

April 16th 2005 
Hey tonight was Little Miss Lindon and guess what! i got attendent. I got in the Rolyity. How cool is that well g2g to bed. I will explain more later. 
love annie- LML ATTENDENT. 

Nov. 14 2005
I'M IN NEW YORK! we got here. when mom and i arrived we went to the hotel and there were the CMA(country music awards) are tomorrow and the stars are staying in the marriot marquis hotel. thats where were staying! After we checked in we tryed to see people but we couldn't so we scimmed the town and went to Roxy's they have the yummiest cheesecake in the world. it's amazing. i have $216 to spend. i earned it all. i fill so proud. well its a long day of flying and new york. 
love me. 

June 5, 2007 14 soon freshman
SCHOOLS OUT! It has been for almost a week! i cant believfe that i'm gonna be in 9th grade! haha! so anyway summer has been good so far. i got a season pass to 7 peaks! i think its gonna be a good summer! :) BUT oh my gosh! i got TEXTING! i'm so happy! i text...austin. i love him hehe but i seriously  love having it! i got it cause my grades! wahoo! so that how mu summer has been! i love summer.
love me

i was an odd child and journaled what i ate for dinner and how my hair was that day. as i go on and i get older my journal entries get more in depth. i write for pages and pages of how i am feeling and what sort of day i had. i write about who influenced my day and my heros. i write my dreams and my hopes. i write my testimony. i write down to every last detail. i have concert tickets and love notes, pictures and awards tucked nicely in the pages. i love writing moments down and going back six months later and feeling exactly what i felt as i was writing. it takes me back in time. its something that is very personal to me, and i will always cherish my journals.

now, what crazy things did you dear diary? i want to know.

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  1. oh heavens.
    so many great things.
    i, too wrote about EVERYTHING in my life.


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