Saturday, September 11, 2010

a lasting day.

"most days of the year are unremarkable. they begin, and they end, with no lasting memories made in between. most days have no impact on the course of a life."

september 12, 2008- girl meets boy.
october 24, 2008- boy turns 18, boy and girl cuddle.
november 1, 2008- boy kisses girl.
november 21, 2008- girl turned 16.
november 29, 2008- boy and girl become boyfriend and girlfriend.
december 7, 2008- boy tells girl he loves her.
december 31, 2008- boy and girl share a new year kiss
january 16, 2009- boy and girl slow dance for the first time.
january 23, 2009- boy takes girl on their first official date.
february 7, 2009- girl takes boy to preference.
february 14, 2009- boy and girl have a romantic valentines date.
march 14, 2009- boy and girl go on a picnic.
march 17, 2009- girl went to boys first lacrosse game. 
march 20, 2009- boy and girl have their first argument.
april 2, 2009- girl was sick, boy took care of her. 
april 13-18, 2009- it was spring break. boy and girl spent every day with each other. had a different adventure everyday.
may 2, 2009- boy took girl to prom.
may 25, 2009- girl went to boys family barbaque
may 28, 2009- boy graduated from high school.
june 4, 2009- boys sister got married, girl went to the wedding.
june 9, 2009- girls heart was broken.

it all began a mere two years ago...


august 18, 2010- girl meets new boy.... here we go again :)

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