Thursday, September 30, 2010

one big step.

i don't know if i can consider myself a child any longer. i made a step forward into adulthood. i sent my very first college application....

last night, i was a mess. looking at scholarships knowing that some how i needed to get at least one. i broke down in tears. i was freaking out. i had one school in mind, what if i didn't get into this one school?

today, i was a little sketchy about the whole "post high school day". not knowing what to expect. i met up with meg and we had our destinations planned out. stop one, my first choice, as well as hers. the univsersity of utah. crimson tide baby. we sat in the front row ready to listen. more and more the kind representative talked about the u, the more and more excited i felt. my worries of being accepted and the issue of tution and all that expensive stuff went away.

after the presentation, meg looked at me. we both knew we didn't need to see any other school. we bailed that game and got kneaders french toast. for the rest of the day we talked about our life next year.

naturally, we are roomming together. she is one of the few i wouldn't kill and i have promised not to provoke her. we want vintage photographs and matching bed spreads-different colors of course. she has made me promise that we will not gain the freshman 15. (don't know how well that will be going over.) our room will not smell of feet but of vanilla and we will have parties e'ry night. i plan on coming home on the weekends to do laundry. i do not want to pay 25cents, thats a joke. we've got it all covered.

i hope i can make it through senior year, because the closer i get to college the more excited i am. bring on the new chapter in my life.

i'm part of the MUSS. mighty utah student section.

all you seniors out there, where do you want to go?  

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  1. yeaaahhhh buddy.
    we are going to have the best of times.


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