Tuesday, September 21, 2010

to be young again.

its been two weeks, two weeks of my internship and i am loving it. i look forward to the time i get to spend two hours with my students.

abby and amanda. they are best friends. they are naturally beautiful girls. they follow me and always want to talk to me. i won't lie, it makes me feel good. i enjoy their sweet spirits. every recess they come in with red faces and tell me that all the boys were chasing them yet again. how cute. if only flirting was that easy now. today i opted out of sitting  by the teachers during the assembly and sat on the floor with abby and amanda. i felt like a fourth grader all over again. every time the class goes somewhere, they make sure they are by me when getting in line.

zach. he would be the ladies man of the class. naturally he and i are best friends. if i was 8 years younger i'd have a crush on the boy. he is super smart. he's the loud boy who has to sit up front by the teacher, but you can always count on him to brighten up your day. he flirts with amanda and abby, its adorable. he stands in the back of the line so that he can walk with me, along with the other girls.

as for the rest of my class, i am still getting to know them. i've wanted to go into elementary education for about two years now, and this just reassures my thoughts on this career. the teacher of the class, mrs. donithrone told me today that i would make a great teacher. it felt good to hear that. i love being around little kids. they are so innocent and humble. they don't question their beliefs and have such confidence, that i once had but lost it as i grew older and am only now gaining it back. they bring the little girl out in me, and yet i am able to influence their education. there are two little girls that are struggling with their reading and i hope that by the end of the school year, they can have a reading level of a fifth grader.

in two weeks, i get to go on a field trip with them, and don't worry the friday before halloween, i get to party with them in class. i'm pretty excited. i never knew senior year would be to go back to elementary. its awesome.

and to top it off, i got a fresh peach shake from taco amigo, its spectacular. just saying.

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