Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the truth.

high school. it sucks. its overrated.
for whatever reason i believed high school would be this marvelous adventure. wrong. i am not a fan of the high school for a few selected reasons.
1. is it nesseccary to shout "oh (insert your choice of swear word here)" six times in one sentence as you walk down the hall?
2. those cliquey groups of girls that believe they are all that and think everyone should bow down to them.
3. the need to be cool. yes, i will say at some point i wanted to be in the "in" group. that has long gone. if you don't like me or don't think i'm cool that is just fine with me.
that is enough reasons for now. its drama filled and annoying. i notice people i once knew being somebody they arent. its sad really. its like in order to be successful you have to be something that you are not. newsflash. being who you are is the greatest way to succeed. just saying. give it a shot, it will work i promise. it happened to me.

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