Saturday, October 9, 2010


as of today october 9, 2010. 
these are my dance stats: 

homecoming: 0-3
sadie hawkins: 1-3
preference: 1-3 
sweethearts: 2-3
sweater swing: 1-3
prom: 1-3

three dances as a sophomore, three dances as a junior. 
wonder what the tally for senior year will be. 
so far not lookin' to hot, but guess what? 
i am a-okay with not going. 
i hung out with my sister tonight, 
and one of my best friends last night. 
if i must say so myself,
it was a successful weekend
and i don't need a dance to have fun.

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  1. We already discussed this in Seminary, but I too don't need a dance to have fun. My stats are worse, so hey, no worries. Love your blog by the way!
    love, Maddie Violet


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