Wednesday, October 27, 2010


how hard can it be to sew to items together to form one? you don't think its that hard right? WRONG. apparently when i was born my parents forgot to pass the domestic gene to me that comes with being a girl. i thought things like sewing, cooking, and being crafty came naturally to the women species, clearly it does not, at least for me.

as halloween is in 3 days, i decieded it was time to get the costume ready. for a few weeks now i have toyed with the idea of being an indian and i came to the conclusion i would just make my costume, how hard could it be? a little stitch here and some beads and bam i have an outfit. ha thats a funny joke because it took much thinking and redoing most stitches. if it wasn't for my mother and her natural talent of sewing in straight lines i would be out of luck. she saved the whole outfit.

this non domestic thing is a real problem, i don't know how to sew in straight lines, let alone cut in straight lines. i don't really know how to cook.but i can do my own laundry and clean my own room. thats a start right?  my brain hurts from all the crafty business i participated in today. i'm going to hold off for a while. learn a little before i take on more projects.

p.s. indian name: sun moon leaf hawk. it fits my costume. and yes i will be wearing it to school on friday. i'm a senior and i want to enjoy this day. i'm a child.

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  1. wearing my costume to school is my favorite thing in the world.


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