Sunday, October 10, 2010

instant time machine.

as i woke up this morning, stretched out and realized the date, i was taken back. it was almost like a movie when suddenly they are forced into a setting they have been to previously, and yet they are a ghost and can't be seen. thats what it felt like. i was taken back to october 10, 2008.

as i am standing in my memory of what today handed me exactly two years ago, i can remember everything like i am in the actual moment. it was a friday, i sat through school, waiting for 2:15 to come around, the weekend to start. as i made my way through the day, i proceed to text a certain individual, who i happened to have plans with. the plans: attend the timpanogos football held at lehi high school. being only 15 at the time, i wasn't able to drive, and this certain individual being 17 could. it was extra chilly that day, so i threw together an outfit that would be sure to keep me warm throughout the evening. said individual invited me over to their house early, so i gathered my coat, some money and made my way in their direction. as i reached their house, it was in the middle of familiar and stranger. as i entered their house, i didn't know the evenings plans would change.

we proceeded with the hellos and the how are yous as we made our way from doorway to family room. we talked about leaving for the game, what time we would and so forth, but as the day faded into night, we came to the conclusion we wouldn't go for two reasons: 1, it was freezing, and 2, we didn't really have a desire to go. so what did we do?

we got to know each other. we asked each other questions, the basics: favorite color, favorite movie, favorite food, and a few of this or that questions were thrown in. we talked about previous relationships and failed attempts at catching someones eye. we flipped through old yearbooks and talked about the school gossip. we laughed harder than i had laughed ever before. we listened to music and ate food.

before we knew it, it was 11:30. I had just spent 7 hours at this individuals house. we had no idea where the time had gone off to. as this individual opened the door to the vehicle as they were my ride home, something sparked within me. my stomach dropped, and my heart started racing. my palms got sweaty and i couldn't help but smile. something changed within me.

we reached my house, and we talked in the driveway for a good ten more minutes. i reached to my door handle and they looked at me and asked for a hug. it was an awkward over the conceal hug, and at that moment i knew he was something different. i felt something for him i had never felt for any boy.

i walked into my house, slowly made it to my room and laid on my bed. pondering the nights events over and over. laughing to myself of all the inside jokes we had just created. he went from being a cool friend, to a boy i couldn't stop thinking about. it was this night, a mere two years ago that my love for zackery started. a boy who would change my life forever.

and as i go to bed, i will go from 2008 to 2010 in an instant.

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  1. we have this strange similarity, same date two years ago is when my crush on zakary started.

    different zak, obviously.


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