Sunday, October 17, 2010

it was a success

fall break: 
13 hours of work 
stalked famous people 
  fourteen tacos
paid for seven dollars worth of treats in change 
went to pumpkin land 
carved a pumpkin
movie watching
slept in 
sent birthday packages
painted my fingernails
car drives in smelly rita (sorry meg)
absolutely no homework

it was a lovely fall break.
must i return to school tomorrow?


  1. i assure you, it is not my fault rita smells like dead cat.

    & this fall break was superb.

  2. Absolutely you must! :) I love reading your blog dear Annie.

  3. Annie,i find you beautiful. Do you get that alot from strangers on the street? because if we were strangers and i saw you on the street, i would tell you how i find you beautiful.


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