Wednesday, October 20, 2010


there is nothing i loathe more than being sick.
i stayed home from school today, for i feel terrible.
i woke up at the usual time, and proceeded to get up and shower.
i wasn't very successful from that point on.
as i got out of the shower, i put my pajamas back on and snuggled back into bed.
i didn't wake up until ten o'clock.
i was hopeing sleep would knock the nauesousness i felt.
it did not.
i made my way downstairs, set up head quarters and stayed there all day.
i watched a total of four boy meets world episodes, two one tree hill episodes, two sister wives episodes and a few this and thats.
i took a long nap.
i wrote my best friend back.
and i studied for my ap pyschology test tomorrow.
have i mentioned eating at all?
that is because i haven't.
i'm starving, but nothing sounds good.
except my apple juice.
whenever i am ill, i have a hankering for the apple juice.
i have cabin fever.
i just want to be better now.

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