Tuesday, October 19, 2010

a simple answer.

i feel my prayers answered on a daily basis. but today, the Lord knew exactly what i needed.

i proceed out the door to head to my internship and at that moment the mail man was leaving. you all know my love for the mail. i thrive on it. i walked quickly to see if i got anything from the universiy of utah. and to my surprise, there it was. a little envelope with familiar handwriting. it was addressed to me. it was a letter. i felt it and i could tell it would be longer than the norm. inside, it was not one, but two letters one four pages the next three. total that, it is seven pages, fourteen front and back. i proceed with the first one, for there was a sticky not instructing which to read first. (side note: i am fluent in reading boy handwriting, it really is a gift)

i read on, for fourteen pages of letter, and by the end i was in tears. i read exactly what i needed to, exactly what i had been praying for. my day turned around and i was filled with hope.

i absolutely love the feeling of an answered prayer and my testimony increases because of that. 

it was the best letter i have recieved in my entire life. you should all be jealous now. have i mentioned, i may be in love? its fine.

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