Saturday, November 27, 2010

burnt out.

over the past 49 hours, i have 
worked a total of 28 hours
and slept 16. 
i haven't done my hair or make-up in two days. 
i've had to remind myself to eat. 
my very first black friday experience:
its awful.
its turned into black weekend, thursday, friday and saturday.
why would you get out of your warm cozy bed at midnight and shop?
i do not understand.
though, people were quite friendly, 
and didn't fight much over items, 
it was still stressful.
they were very appreciative of me. 
how kind.
my managers are awesome
and make sure to brighten the day. 
i work with the most delightful people.
we have fun. 
thank the heavens the weekend is over though, 
i'm ready for sleep. 

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