Monday, November 22, 2010


my age is now eighteen. how do i feel about this? not sure. i would like to be a child and a grown up, is that even possible? i'm not sure.
the birthday festivities were lovely,
friday i went to dinner with my family. ate the most delicious italian food anyone could ever find, with cheesecake for dessert. followed by the always necessary wal-mart run with megan.
saturday, meg and i made our way to the gateway where we shopped and ate our body weight in tacunos. i purchased a fedora, i find it spectacular my family thinks its weird. my new leather jacket keeps me warm and my flannel shirt is adorable. i feel accomplished. we were approached twice on if we have ever considered modeling, we responded no thank you to both. that evening, i saw...harry potter with my sisters. enough said because everyone is blogging about it, and i refuse to jump on the band wagon.
and my actual day of birth, well i went to church and than hung out around my humble abode with my family and had a delightful meal.
i received many birthday wishes to which i respond, thank you, thank you kindly. they were muchly appreciated. and to you mystery person who sent me a gift in my first period today, that was very kind of you. if i knew who you were i'd do the same to you.
eighteenth birthday: successful.
time to be an adult. hmm..
until next year, birthday you will be missed. my love for you is odd i'm aware.

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