Tuesday, November 16, 2010

a girls world.

i will be the first to say it, i am a dramatic person, what girl isn't for that matter. we create drama amongst each other just for the fun of it. and lets not mention that every little thing posted on facebook becomes open drama, even if it was ment as a joke.
i feel as if when i entered high school i tried to break this cycle in my life. not care so much about the drama and focus on finding out who i am. it seems as if no matter what i did the drama followed me. i found myself wondering if really i was the cause of drama and evaluated my life. i came to the conclusion that its high school and drama exists.
i try and keep my drama to a minimal, i try not to drag other people into my mess. having trust in every person who walks the earth, its hard sometimes not to just spill my feelings with anyone. perhaps that is a bad idea? i do try and keep my personal life to myself more often now. its hard sometimes. can you blame a girl for wanting to tell her life story?
its frustrating, when you get sucked into someone elses drama and you didn't want to be there in the first place. it happens to everyone and yet, we cause it to happen anyways. girls say "i hate drama" most hyprocrictal statement i have ever heard in my life. girls thrive on the drama of others. i've used that statement over and over and i am submerdged in the high school world. its hard to avoid it. what do i do? i ignore it, and continue to do my own thing.

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  1. she's crazy, x124354634345.

    i hope it has a real diamond on it- if you know what i mean.


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